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Understanding, Function and Purpose of LAN Network on Computer Network – Local Area Network

Understanding the Presentation layer In the OSI layer

Computer news – The Presentation layer is the sixth layer of the seven layers in the OSI layer. This layer defines the data format in the computer network such as ASCII text, EBCDIC text, binary, rajapoker, BCD and jpeg files as well. In addition, the presentation layer will also help to translate data in both sent and received in the network. Data encryption is also defined into this layer.

The Presentation Layer is a very important layer in translation and encryption of data in the network so that each file can be correctly translated.

Presentation Layer Function In OSI Layer

The main function of the presentation Poker Online layer is to define data in computer network such as binary and JPEG. In addition the presentation layer specifies the rules for the following:

1. Translations of data in the network
2. Encryption and Data Komresi in network
3. Provide system of data presentation to application layer
4. Provide means for compresion, decompression, encription and decription


Protocols that implement Presentation layer rules On the OSI layer

There are many protocols in computer network, each having different wars. The following are the protocols in the network that implements the presentast layer rules

1. Netware Core Protocol (NCP)
2. AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP)

For example implementation is as follows: mainframe has EBCDIC format; While WIndows has an ASCII data format. The task of the Presentation layer is
Translate these different formats so they can connect to each other.