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Internet Speed ​​in this Country is the Fastest

News – Akamai, the company’s cloud computing services and content delivery network, re-released the list of internet speeds in various countries. This report was generated based on data during the first quarter of 2017. So, which country has the most capable internet speed? Quoted from ZDNet, Tuesday (06/06/2017), South Korea is still ranked first in terms of internet speed.

The average speed in the Ginseng Country is 28.6Mbps. This pace is down about 1.7 percent from last year’s report. But judging from the change in the previous quarter, that figure rose about 9.3 percent. Then the country with the highest average peak speed is occupied by Singapore, which has a top speed of up to 184.5Mbps.

How about Indonesia? According to the report, Indonesia is ranked 77th globally. This sequence is above agen judi bola India and the Philippines for the Asia Pacific region with an average speed of 7.2 Mbps. The speed was up about 59 percent from last year’s report. Meanwhile, for the highest average peak speed, Indonesia is ranked 43rd. Peak speed in Indonesia reached 66.1Mbps, down about 40 percent from previous reports.

For those of you who are curious about the list of other countries that have the internet fastest. Here is a list of the top 10 countries with the fastest internet we’ve collected.

1. South Korea: 28.6Mbps
2. Norway: 23.5Mbps
3. Sweden: 22.5Mbps
4. Hong Kong: 21.9Mbps
5. Switzerland: 21.7Mbps
6. Finland: 20.5Mbps
7. Singapore: 20.3Mbps
8. Japan: 20.2Mbps
9. Denmark: 20.1Mbps
10. United States: 18.7Mbps.