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Understanding and Function of PAN (Personal Area Network) on Computer Network

Computer news – Understanding Personal Area Network (PAN) on computer networks

Personal Area Network or commonly we call PAN network on the term computer network is a computer network that is used for communication between computers with other devices such as mobile phones, speakers, judidomino, computers and other devices. The reach of this computer network is relatively close so it can not reach a great distance.

PAN can be used for communication between their own personal devices (intrapersonal communication), or to connect to a higher level and the Internet network (uplink) .Personal area of the cable network may be with a bus computer such as USB and FireWire.A wireless personal area network ( WPAN) can also be possible with technology
Networks like IrDA, Bluetooth, UWB, Z-Wave and ZigBee.

Personal Area Network (PAN) function on computer network

PAN network is used to connect personal devices such as (mobile phones, headsets, smartphones, laptops and others) so that communication can be formed. Examples of commonly applied PAN network is an ad hoc network for laptop communications with laptops, communications laptops with mobile phones using bluetooth, and others.

Pros and Cons of PAN Network (Personal Area Network)

Advantages of PAN Network (Personal Area Network)

– Easy in network maintenance
– If there are problems on the network will be more easily handled

Weakness of PAN Network (Personal Area Network)

– The limited network covers only a few devices
– The area of the network is also very limited, only able to cover several meters only


PAN Network Technology

A Bluetooth PAN is also called a piconet, and consists of 8 to active devices in a master-slave relationship (a very large number of devices that can be connected to “parking” mode). The first Bluetooth device on the piconet is the master, and all the devices communicate with the master slave. A piconet typically has a distance of 10 meters, although ranging up to 100 meters can be reached under ideal circumstances. New innovations in the Bluetooth antenna are permitted for these devices to greatly outreach to those originally designed. In DEF CON 12, a group of hackers known as “Flexilis” successfully connected two Bluetooth devices over half a mile (800 m) of it. They use an antenna with a scope and a Yagi antenna, all attached to a stock gun. A attached antenna cable to a Bluetooth card on the computer. They are then called the “The BlueSniper.” Antenna. Skinplex, other PAN technologies, transmit through capacitive near the human skin field. Skinplex can detect and communicate up to one meter from the human body. Already used for access control to lock doors and jamming car protection on the roof of the car. (Source: Ebook K13 Basic Network)

Wireless PAN (Personal Area Network)

WPAN (wireless personal area network) is a private area network – for networks centered around individual interconnecting devices from work – where wireless connections. Generally, personal area wireless networks use some technology that allows communication within about 10 meters – in other words, a very short distance. One Bluetooth technology, which is used as the basis for a new standard, IEEE 802.15.

A WPAN can serve all the interconnects to a computer and communicate regularly on devices that have many people on their desks or carry them with them today – or could serve more specific purposes such as allowing surgeons and other team members to communicate during an operation. The key concept in WPAN technology is known as “deep plugging”. In an ideal scenario, if two WPANs are equipped with the device closer (within a few meters of each other) or within a few kilometers of the central server, they can communicate as if connected by cable.
Another important feature is the ability of each to lock the device from other devices that are selective, need to prevent unauthorized intrusion or access to information.

When we connect the computer or other devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, keyboards, mice, wireless headsets, cameras and other equipment close enough (4-6 meters) then we have formed a Personal Area Network. The most important thing is that in this PAN we ourselves are controlling (authority) on all the equipment. In addition to connect directly to the computer via a USB port or FireWire, PAN is also often formed with wireless technology such as bluetooth, Infrared or WIFI.